BoxKat Videos and Demos

The videos below demonstrate BoxKat's capability and resilience. Watch how BoxKat came to be and learn how to assemble your kit today.
  • Introductions to FAQs

    This is an introduction to the FAQ video series where I will be covering the most asked questions along with giving tips and tricks of what I've learned along the way developing Boxkat.

  • Assembling Your BoxKat

    In this video you will learn how to assemble your BoxKat kit.

  • How to Adjust your BoxKat

    BoxKat is easily adjustable and able to fit in most storage areas.

  • BoxKat in Use at Home

    This video is drone footage of a customer's home using Boxkat. They are using BoxKat to protect, not only their vehicle but, also their outdoor patio.

  • Quick Assembly

    See how quick and easy it is to assemble your BoxKat!

  • How to Anchor your BoxKat

    View the different methods to anchor down and stabilize your BoxKat.

  • BoxKat vs High Winds

    BoxKat withstanding gravel and high speed winds (leaf blower).

  • BoxKat Demo on RV

    Watch BoxKat withstand strong winds (leaf blower) reinforced with rebar weights.

  • BoxKat Tips to a Secure Setup

    Tips on how to resolve gaps when installing BoxKat on uneven ground such as gravel.