Frequently Asked Questions

What is the BoxKat rodent barrier?

BoxKat is a continuous barrier system. That surrounds your vehicles or property that mice can access, to protect them from mouse damage.

How do set up the BOXKAT rodent barrier?

BOXKAT is very easy to assemble. There are Velcro connectors between each flexible and flat panel of the system and a single set screw that positions the Velcro and assures a mouse proof closure.

Be sure to view our Assemble Your BoxKat video.

Can mice chew through the BOXKAT rodent barrier?

Mice are looking for food and a place to build a nest. BOXKAT is made with a very durable plastic material, that is not edible or easily chewed through. When mice encounter BOXKAT they look for an opening or a way over or under, if they don't find one they move on to look for something they can eat or make a nest in. When we tested the BOXKAT with 50 mice inside the barrier, they never chewed on it in any significant way. After 1 ½ hours 80% - 40 mice, gave up and piled together in a corner and took a nap.

Can the BOXKAT be used on uneven surfaces?

The box cat rodent barrier is designed with flexible sections that can allow the length of the wall to flex over any slightly uneven areas in a floor. We can provide extra Flex Panels for use in extremely uneven floor surfaces. By uneven we mean normal gradual humps and dips found in concrete and blacktop type surfaces. Cracks and breaks in floor surfaces should be repaired to allow gradual uneven surface before the BOXKAT is set up.

Can mice jump over or go under the BOXKAT rodent barrier?

The BOXKAT is 2 inches taller than the best jump of a house mouse and therefore cannot be jumped over. This flexibility maintains a minimal to no gap at all for a mouse to crawl under.

What are the differnt dimensions of BOXKAT rodent barrier?

The BOXKAT systems come in multiple heights 14 inches is the minimum to overcome a house mouse’s jumping ability. We also have a 21 inch height wall that can be used to better effect outside because 21 inches is higher than most rats or chipmunks might try to jump to access your vehicle and we also have walls than that available up to 42 inches tall. 42 inches would be applicable to the farm equipment in farmland applications.

BOXKAT comes in several set kit sizes, a 10 x 20 kit that would include 60 feet of continuous box cat barrier to be used to enclose a car or small RV. BOXKAT kits are also available for 10 x 30' enclosure, a 10 x 40' enclosure and a 10 x 50' enclosure. If a customer wants a larger enclosure they can buy two Kits that combined accomplished their desired enclosure size.

Can the BOXKAT be used outdoors?

The box kit can be used outdoors. However when installing a BOXKAT outdoors you must consider wind affecting the BOXKAT’s placement and therefore utilizing anchoring systems that will hold the BOXKAT in place. The anchors could range from a gallon water bottle attached to the inside of the BOXKAT every 3 to 6 feet depending on exposure to local wind that surround the location. The anchors could be 1gallon water bottles, sandbags, cinderblocks, and if placed upon the soil you could use garden stakes, but some anchoring outdoors will be necessary. Additionally if used on soil or grass the ground needs to be prepared before installation including mowing or removing the grass to it's very shortest height possible. Grass is not a good location for parking vehicles but you can use BoxKat on dirt or grass if required. But you will need to go to a little extra effort to assure the effectiveness of the BoxKat. Trimming Grass to its lowest possible height or removing the grass is preferred. We further recommend that when installing over soil that you also install a quarter inch or smaller galvanized mesh that extends from the wall out 6 to 12 inches and that it is anchored securely to the ground with stakes. It would be even better if you would bury the mesh by placing the wire in a 6 inch deep trench that extends away from the face of the BoxKat all the way around (Home Depot has rolls of mesh). Then cover the wire mesh with soil or gravel to prevent burrowing under the BoxKat.

Check out our video BoxKat On Display.

Can I purchase individuals panels?

The BOXKAT comes in several sized kits for common installations. We will offer individual panels for sale through our website on special order. We also will offer multiple flexible panels for sale on our website for people that have very uneven floors that the standard box cat cannot sufficiently maintain contact with. A quick test to see if you have a relatively level and smooth floor is, simply walk around your vehicle or the area that you will install BOXKAT, pay attention to your feet. If you just walk around you will probably notice if you have any significant dips or humps in the surface of your shop, garage, barn or parking space.

Can the BOXKAT rodent barrier withstand different weather?

Overall the BoxKat is a very durable and reliable product made out of substantial plastic materials. As with any plastic product the BoxKat is susceptible to wear and tear based on extreme hot and cold weather fluctuations, sunlight - UV exposure, and exposure to snow, rain and wind overtime.

Be sure to watch our videos where you see BoxKat in action.

Is there a warranty on the BOXKAT rodent barrier?

Our materials warranty for interior use is five years minimum and for exterior use exposed to UV and weather is 2 years. However properly cared for and not used In excessive heat or UV exposure, then the box cat should last 5 to 10 years. Because the BOXKAT Barrier system requires customer set up and maintenance to assure that a child or a dog or the wind has not unsettled the barrier, we cannot guarantee that mice will not get to your vehicle. But if you do maintain a little bit of vigilance to assure the BOXKAT remains set up properly then I believe that no mice will be able to get to your vehicle or property at all.

What is the return policy?

If for any reason you are unsatisfied with the functionality and durability of the BOXKAT Rodent Barrier we will refund your purchase price less shipping during the first 60 days.