Why BoxKat?

If you store a car, truck, or RV. . . You NEED BOXKAT

• Mice can't get under BoxKat 

• Mice can't climb BOXKAT

• Mice can't jump over BOXKAT


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"It’s called the 'BoxKat'. I ordered it in May and tested it over the summer and fall. It’s a flexible/collapsible barrier for keeping rodents out of a given area (like your car or RV). It’s a little expensive but it does seem to work..." read more

"Essentially, the BoxKat works by forming a physical barrier around the RV or whatever you would like to protect..." read more

How BoxKat Came to Be

  • Marcia

    I am very happy with my new BoxKat! I just had repairs for “chewed wiring” to the tune of $550 and the service department said I was lucky it was not several thousand dollars. The Boxkat was easy to assemble and I have not had any issues with rain or wind. I did keep a glue trap near each wheel inside the Boxkat incase a mouse was still in the car. I also wanted to see if any mice were able to get past the Boxkat walls. So far there are no mice and I will remove the glue traps shortly. Thank you for inventing this new mouse preventative.

    Fayetteville Arkansas

  • Laura

    I set it up the day it arrived. I have seen no evidence of mouse droppings on my car battery which is where I usually spot them. They have gotten inside my car and shredded an empty egg carton prior to my order......We live out in the high desert country out in the middle of nowhere so we have lots of mice....We are pondering selling the fifth wheel if we don't I will order another boxcat to help with the mice and rodent problem in there. I am so sick of rodents I am ready to become a city slicker!!! Thanks for your invention praying it keeps working.

    Grass Valley, Oregon